About Me

Hi, Welcome to my blog!


I am Swati.

I am a nature lover, a traveler, and love to spend time with my family. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading books, sketching and painting pots. I have been working in a corporate job for almost 7 years in the banking industry as a credit analyst in an Indian bank and later at Barclays Bank. However, I recently quit my full-time job to take a break and devote myself to reading and writing.

My Blog LifeandChoice is aimed at motivating readers to perceive life as a beautiful gift and gain much more out of their lives. I strongly believe that tiny changes in mindset have really helped me mature both emotionally and physically. My blog is a culmination of my unique life experiences and the lessons learned from the choices I made in my life.  I am really happy to share this with each one around me and glad to connect with you all.

Thank you for your time getting to know about me. I write articles although I am comparatively new to this, therefore, I encourage you to go ahead and share your opinion on my blog posts.

See ya around, my friend!