choices design our lives

Our choices shape our identity and our lives

As a child, we rarely have much say in what we would like or prefer. Most of the decisions on our behalf are made by our parents and elders in the family who have considerable knowledge and experience.

However, as we begin to have a better grasp on what’s been happening around us, we are allowed to have an opinion, a say on matters concerning us and the others. That’s when we begin to make choices based on our thoughts and our own preferences. Little do we know that our choices shape our identity and our lives.


You might not notice but you make a wide variety of choices daily right from your morning routine, the kind of food you like, how you dress, where you work, what you prefer to do in your extra time, etc.

The life we lead is largely a product of the choices made in the past and that’s what distinguishes our lives from the lives of other people out there.

Our choices govern our decisions or the path that we choose for ourselves. In essence, our choices design our life.

The sole reason why our life turns out to be so different from those of our friends or colleagues is a result of the different choices made by us and the others.

Did you know how you choose to spend your time in a single day says a lot about your future. What you choose to do with this time matters. If you choose to spend the extra hours after work with your family; it depicts that you value relationships. You take extra effort to strengthen family bonds.

The compound effect of all choices– big or small cumulatively shape our identity and our lives

By spending time with your family every day; you are increasing your chances of a happy family life.

Think carefully before making every decision

think before making choices

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It is not just the big choices or the big decisions that shape your life. Rather, the little ones you make on a daily basis also have a huge impact on your life.

As it turns out; the choices on big decisions like which college to aim for or the course to select for your grads etc. are taken after considerable thought and planning. Whereas, the small choices are not thought over as carefully. These are mostly taken on a whim; largely based upon the likings and preferences of people around us.

Let’s suppose your friends call you for a movie.

You wish to say no considering you have an overdue assignment.

Even so, you agree. Why? Maybe you do not wish to be left out or you do not want to hurt your friends’ feelings or maybe denying is too difficult and mostly we agree to simply fit into the group.

How much harm can a movie do?

Certainly, on a single event or an isolated basis, it’s harmless. But, would you not prefer hanging out with friends instead of completing an overdue assignment?

When a similar situation presents itself again, you are more likely to hang out with friends based on your past experience. Gradually, this will form a pattern that would be difficult to break free.

There are multiple occasions where we tend to agree to things on account of social pressure to cater to social obligations. 

These little decisions or choices we make can have quite negative consequences on our life. It's absolutely necessary to make wise choices and deal with situations rather than giving in. 

Choices shape our Identity

Choices have the power to shape our identity, who we are and what we choose to do with our life.

Simple choices we make on a daily basis reflect so many aspects of our own selves. For example if you prefer a home-cooked meal instead of a takeaway; it says that you find satisfaction in a home-cooked meal. You strive to be healthy and fit.

Similarly, if you choose to work on your pet project as compared to going out with friends; this shows that you are sincere and hard working. You value your time and are dedicated to it.

Our choices define who we are, our habits, our priorities in life and countless other things. It is these small choices that shape our identity and personality.

When you choose to order a take away mostly rather than eating a home-cooked meal, you are likely to be obese and unhealthy. On the contrary, if you choose to exercise, eat healthy food you are going to be fit and healthy.

People perceive you as fit or obese, hard-working or lazy, reliable or dishonest depending on the choices you make in your life. Thus, your identity or the kind of person you are is determined by the choices you make on a daily basis.

To sum it up

Every choice has the power to alter the outcomes, to change the course of things happening in your life and to put you on an entirely different path with its own set of variables.

Take a good look at what you choose to do with your time and energy every day. Because the outcome of your choices is going to magnify itself over the years.

Good choices will be rewarded  10x over 10 years. Similarly, bad choices are going to increase your worries by 10x in the next 10 years.

Our choices shape our identity and our lives.

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