6 simple ways to Stop Worrying and Start Living

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“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” – Oprah Winfrey

Do you remember any of the fun family picnics, outings and birthdays from your childhood?

I bet you still can paint quite a picture out of it. It’s because these thoughts are engraved deep in our minds. Childhood memories are some of the most beautiful memories of a person’s life that fill their hearts with warmth and joy. As children, we enjoyed each and every moment and looked at everything with such awe and excitement even if it is the wiggling of a worm or the bubbles in a bath.

As we grow up; we need to make important decisions that would shape the rest of our lives. Fearing failure; we tend to follow the paths shown and tread by others. Gradually life changes completely and we find ourselves juggling between the challenges at work and home. We seek solace by traveling to far off destinations, however; we still can’t find sustained happiness and peace of mind for long.

I had a similar experience last year when I and my husband planned a week-long trip to a hill station.

We were really looking forward to this much-needed break. Just as I was about to leave office on the day of our travel; I was requested to cater to an urgent request that needed immediate attention. This wasn’t something that could have been declined. I immediately rushed to catch our train as soon as the work was complete and was lucky enough to board on time. The next day, we reached the homestay that offered a breathtaking view of the mountains and tall deodar and pine trees. As I sat in the verandah sipping a cup of tea and enjoying a spectacular view; I could not help myself from thinking about work and the last minute request.

I tried hard to be in the moment but somehow; my mind kept catching up with other bothersome things. The stress and madness of my work life were often messing up my personal space. That’s when I decided to do something about it.

I have shared below some of my personal tips that have helped me stay calm and hoping you too will find this beneficial :

Enjoy little moments as they come

Photo by Sofiya Levchenko on Unsplash

Life is not meant to be lived in a rush instead enjoy the little moments whenever you can. We often wait for big things to happen in life but that should not stop us from rejoicing at small victories and celebrations. You should focus on big accomplishments but at the same time engage in fun activities with family and friends. Making the most of every single day and living in the present would definitely make you happier and your journey even more memorable.

Do not dwell upon the past; don’t stress about the future either

Learning from one’s past mistakes is extremely important but one should forgive themselves and move on instead of looking back. You cannot time travel in the past and correct your actions. Instead; learning lessons from the past and making necessary amendments are going to help you to a great deal in achieving your goals. Similarly, we never know what the future has in store for us irrespective of our path in life. You must have a vision and a set plan to work towards it. Anxiety in relation to what lies ahead; is not only going to stop you from acting today but you also might end up on an entirely different course. Therefore, choosing to act in the present is important to capitalize on future opportunities.


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Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

Meditation is widely practiced by people all over the world because of its amazing benefits. This habit does not require a lot of commitment from your end. You just need to start by putting in only five minutes of your day towards mediating. Five minutes of silent meditation can do wonders. Meditation provides an opportunity to connect with our soul and pay attention to details that goes within oneself. This gives clarity to our thoughts and actions and helps make better decisions in your life.

Breathing exercises

The benefits of regular exercising are not just limited to shaping your physique. Exercise also improves your mental and emotional well-being. It has been scientifically proven that exercising aids in the release of happy hormones that make you feel positive and energetic. Breathing exercises, in particular, helps to increase the blood flow and oxygen to your brain making the brain more active. They also prove to be great for detoxifying the body against the impurities in the environment. When we exhale air, the body releases carbon dioxide along with toxins from our body. Thus, exercises in general; have a major role in de-stressing and lowering anxiety levels.


Journaling is a potent habit that can bring transformation in your lives. This habit, when done daily or even twice a week regularly, can make you far more aware and self-conscious about your life. Keeping track of your daily or weekly actions is another great thing about journaling that helps in achieving goals with much ease.

I can vouch for the benefits though it is difficult to keep up and people tend to stop doing it after a while.

But here’s an easy pro -tip — Initially, for about a month or two, try to write only one side of a page daily (that too in pointers!) listing only the main highlights of the day.

Within a month, you will notice yourself writing not just in pointers but in detail about your day. You will want to write more about your achievements, your goals, your strategies and everything in no time.

Engaging yourself in other activities

Ever thought of taking the guitar lessons or the dance classes or painting classes! Once in a while, we would all like to pursue fun activities besides our regular work and personal lives. I like to paint and sketch. I’m sure you must also have a liking for such activities. Well, if you have been delaying your interests for a while now thinking how busy your everyday life is; I would highly recommend you to pick an activity of your choice and spend an hour or two during weekends. It is always going to be busy and you might never have a chance at it. Taking out an hour or two once a week is not going to be taxing for you. On the other hand, It will take your mind away from the general stuff and will calm your mind.

Do let me know your comments or your feedback. This is my first article on this blog and your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.

Also, please feel free to write to me in case you have tried any of the above tips suggested above and the changes(improvements/challenges) you see in yourself as a result.

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  • So true, We all are trying to improve our quality of life by working so hard but in return we end up worrying and getting stressed which further demands us to put in more efforts, which leads to adding up more stress..This is such a vicious circle. We have to break this circle and get out of it to be happy and to realize true purpose of our living.
    Nice blog….will keep your tips in mind..
    Waiting for next blog😀

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